Monoline - daily journal

Monoline is a no-fuss diary application that will help you get in the habit of jotting down one line a day.

You can use our app to write down whatever you want: your new year’s resolutions, great ideas, interesting experiences, your travels and even just the mood you’re in.

Every day you will see entries from the same day in previous years, allowing you to reminisce and discover interesting patterns.

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  • Up to 140 characters a day for writing down your thoughts and experiences.
  • Optionally attach pictures to every entry to add context.
  • Easily export your diary to a spreadsheet-format through the Settings screen.
  • Receive daily reminders to update your journal at a time of your preference.
  • Every page of the diary shows entries written on the same day in previous years.

Privacy first, and no sign up!

A diary should be personal, that's why Monoline doesn't require you to register and upload your data to our servers. Because we built Monoline to function fully off-line your data is protected, and with the added Export functionality you can be in control of your own backups.

  • No need to give away your personal data, as there's no complicated sign-up
  • Export to CSV function for easy backups
  • App usable completely off-line

Environmentally friendly

A typical one-line a day paper diary consists of over 200 pages, whereas Monoline is fully digital.

By using less paper you:
  • Reduce your impact on forests
  • Cut energy use and climate chang emissions
  • Limit water, air and other pollution
  • Produce less waste

And as an extra benefit, you only have to remember to bring your phone!